An active every day woman who is constantly on the move is the inspiration behind PLAUDE APPAREL clothing. A woman with no strict rules other than those she sets herself, including the comfortable and smart clothing she chooses to wear. She appreciates her body and the harmony of her style and this is reflected in her personality when wearing PLAUDE APPAREL garments.

Our goal is creating sustainable and smart clothing with a management style that concentrates on reducing excess production yet at the same time creating a stylish and functional wardrobe.

The PLAUDE APPAREL brand highlights femininity through comfortable and practical garments with clean cut lines and quality fabrics. Our mission is to create a durable wardrobe reflecting modern life with pieces that can be combined for different everyday situations

PLAUDE APPAREL clothes are handmade in Riga, Latvia by an experienced team of designers and seamstresses.



Kristine Plaude has a Masters degree in Environmental design and Art from the Academy of Latvia. She works in interior and exterior design within both the private and public sectors. Kristine has also received several design awards for her environmental pieces/installations and interior solutions.


In 2012 she was a part of the team that created the brand and concept store M50. It was here that her first highly appreciated garments were designed and after the "Born to be" collection came the the idea to create her own individual brand and in 2018 PLAUDE APPAREL was born.